Happy Birthday Abbie!

Happy Birthday, my sweety, 

my tootie, my tweetie,
I wish I could be there with you,

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we'd roll on the floor, and roll some more,
and I'd wear my hat like a shoe.

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If I could be there, I'd shave off my hair,
and I'd paint my nose bright red.

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I'd wear my shirt for my pants,
and my pants for my shirt,

and crawl around
under the bed.

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I'd walk on the ceiling, I'd talk to the wall,

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I'd unscrew my head;  it'd bounce like a ball,

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I'd moo like a cow, I'd bark like a dog,
I'd roll in the mud, like a big ole hog.

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I might even get crazy, 
and do my party dance,
put a lampshade on my head,
and wear my smarty pants.

Ahh, but if I only had wings,
like a nice ole Dove I knew,
I'd fly right back home to Texas,
Just to be with you.

Art by Steve Niccolls